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InsidAR let's you locate yourself in a previously scanned, indoor setting, using just your mobile camera and no other external assets, based on computer vision solutions.

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Our purpose is to make an equally easy and customizable product for developers, building manager and the end user.


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Why vision-based ?

There are of course other solutions, but the X-spot we're in is the Sweet Spot between accesibility and afforable you might just need!

Accesibility - You don't need any extra asset! Of course, you still need for someone to scan the building and a cool dashboard to setup the map. But no extra images sticked all over your building, no hidden, thousands of beacons with limited battery, and no custom trackers to give to your clients so they feel tracked.

Affordable - Of course there are more powerful devices. But your clients might not have the budget or interest to buy a cutting-edge Mixed Reality headset. We love those too, but we understand that, for now, smartphones are still the only mobile mainstream device. So all they need is one app, they can find on App Store or Google Play!

Use cases

There are many use-cases, of course. But most of the problems InsidAR solves are given by:

  • Large surface
  • Hard to orient structure
  • Large flow of new visitors
  • Ever-changing structure
  • Hard to know structure

Knowing our position inside of buildings has great benefits, sometimes even more hands-on than outdoor positioning, thanks to:

  • Knowing exact position inside
  • Being able to access analytics and see big-flow areas and where people are confused.
  • Already existing many manager apps, that track real-life assets, that could benefit of positioning and querying.
  • Gamification with the help of positioning and AR/VR.


If you'd like to have a discussion to see if your place could benefit a technology like InsidAR, or if you love the idea and would like to be part of the team, let's have a chat!

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