-Tutorial & How it works -Limitations & Privacy +Unity SDK reference

How it works

We do localization by basically trying to match a small 3D scan the client makes inside the initial, bigger scan, you made using InsidAR ScanApp.

1. Main Scan

It all starts with the main scan. You need to store the scans inside your location using InsidAR ScanApp on our servers. Please take into the consideration the Limitations.

2. Client App

The client app should use InsidAR Unity Package in order to be able to grab the 3D data inside your app as well. The translation/rotation offset between your scan and the main scan is by calling our API. The Unity package(Unity SDK reference) is able to:

3. Dashboard

Right now our dashboard is at beginning. It can be used to visualize scanned maps and to move/place and see anchors inside a map. More features will be available soon.

Getting Started

** InsidAR Unity Package works over ARCore/ARKit 's SLAM system. For this we are actually use Unity's wrapper, ARFoundation. It is still in preview so future updates might be breaking for InsidAR. We used Unity 2018+ with ARFoundation 1.5.0 preview-5 and ARCore 2.1.0 preview 5. In case you try on other versions and it's throwing errors please Contact us and we will try to offer a working version as soon as possible.**

Open Unity Package

The InsidAR Unity Package contains all you need to make a localization app. Check out the example scene for how it works or follow the next steps in a new project!

That's it! Now you should be able to scan (FeaturePointExtractor) and API endpoints(NetworkManager)